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1 min read

How to fix bad-tasting Turkish coffee from your Turkish coffee maker

How to fix bad-tasting Turkish coffee from the Turkish coffee maker
How to fix bad-tasting Turkish coffee from the Turkish coffee maker



There are several reasons for your Turkish coffee to taste bad or not have enough foam on it. Please see if one of the following will solve the problem.




Use drinking or distilled water


The quality of the water greatly affects the taste of coffee. If you’re using tap water, try using bottled or filtered water instead.



Make sure your coffee has not gone stale


Coffee loses its flavor over time, more so if it is ground. To get the best tasting coffee from your coffee maker, use freshly roasted and ground beans. Using a grinder and grinding the beans right before brewing will improve the flavor. Make sure that you store your coffee in a cool, dry place. Freshness of the coffee will also affect the amount of foam on your Turkish coffee cup. Stale coffee results in little or no foam.



Make sure you use finely ground Turkish coffee


Turkish coffee is different than other forms of coffee in the way that it's ground. Turkish coffee is ground to a very fine, powder-like state. It's even finer than espresso!


That's why we recommend you either buy readily ground Turkish coffee online or from a specialty store. Grinding coffee fresh coffee beans is possible but not very easy when it comes to Turkish coffee.


The powder-like fineness is not possible with a blade grinder. It can only be achieved by a burr grinder. While some grocery stores have coffee grinders with a "Turkish" setting, most of them fail to achive that level of fineness. If you'd like to purchase whole beans and grind them yourself, your best bet is a hand grinder.



Check your coffee / water balance


If the coffee doesn't taste strong enough or doesn't have enough foam, this can be due to the amount of coffee you put in the pot. Using less than one tbsp per one Turkish coffee cup will result in a weak-tasting and foamless coffee. It might even throw the CookSense sensor off and can affect the brewing.


Please use the measuring scoop provided with you coffee maker. Head on over to our article on how to brew the best tasting Turkish coffee for more!



Stir before brew


For the best taste give your coffee & water mix a stir before you start the brew process. Jus tmake sure you don't use a metal spoon as they can damage the interior of the pot. A wooden or plastic spoon, like the one provided with the coffee maker is perfect for this job!



Clean your coffee maker regularly


Please make sure you clean the pot after each use. The built-up from old coffee grounds will affect the taste of your coffee. As the pot is not dishwasher-safe, you should hand wash it.


Also be sure that the surface of the heater and the sensor are clean as these will affect the performance of the coffee maker.



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