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How long can you store food in the fridge?

How long can you store food in the fridge?
How long can you store food in the fridge?



Keeping food waste to a minimum is a battle every household has to struggle with. A use-by date is great, but you know once you’ve opened a package, things often won’t last as long as that promises. The information below should help you judge how long you have to use a range of food types after the package has been opened.


Of course, you always have to be careful when it comes to food. These values are meant as a guideline only. Always check and smell your food. If there’s any sign of spoilage or something doesn’t smell quite right, throw it away.


*The following values are guidelines only and refer to products once their packaging has been opened. Always adhere to a product’s use-by date.






Fresh, in shell: 3 - 5 weeks

Raw yolks, whites: 2 - 4 days

Hard boiled: 1 week                      


Supermarket Products


Egg, chicken, tuna, pasta salad: 3 - 5 days

Ready meals: 3 - 4 days

Stuffed meat: 1 day



Hamburger and mince


Hamburger, stewing meat and beef, pork, turkey and lamb mince: 2 - 3 days



Ham and corned beef


Corned beef: 5 - 7 days

Cooked ham, whole: 7 days

Cooked ham, slices: 3- 5 days




Lunch and deli meat


All varieties: 3- 5 days



Soups and stews


Vegetable/meat soups and stews: 3 - 4 days




Bacon and sausage


Bacon and smoked sausages: 7 days

Sausages: 3 - 4 days




Fresh meat


Steaks, chops and roasts: 3 - 5 days 

Offal and sweetbreds: 1 -2 days




Cooked meat leftovers


Cooked meat dishes and leftovers: 3 - 4 days

Gravy and broth: 1 - 2 days



Fresh poultry


Chicken and turkey, whole or parts (breasts, thighs, etc.): 1 - 2 days 


Cooked poultry leftovers


All varieties: 3- 4 days



Fish and shellfish


Lean and fatty fish: 1- 2 days

Shrimp, scallops, squid: 1- 2 days

Cooked fish: 3- 4 days

Smoked fish: 14 days

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