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2 min read

5 tumble dryer myths debunked

5 Tumble dryer myths debunked
5 Tumble dryer myths debunked



There’s a lot of misinformation out there about tumble dryers. While it might not be quite as dramatic as “fake news”, it’s well worth cluing yourself in on what’s fact and fiction when it comes to all your appliances. This article will bust 5 of the most common myths about tumble dryers.




Myth #1: "You don’t need to clean the lint filter after every use"


Well, if you don’t mind reduced drying performance, increased energy consumption and lint all over your clothes, then sure, leave that lint filter where it is. However, all manufacturers recommend cleaning the lint filter after every load. It’s quick and easy, so getting into the habit will save you time and money in the long run.




Myth #2: "You can’t overload a dryer"


You certainly can. In fact, getting the load right for your tumble dryer is key to getting the best performance out of it. Airflow is key to efficient drying, so if you stuff the drum full to bursting, drying performance is seriously impacted. Not only that, but excessive loads can cause thermostat and belt failure. Filling your drum just over half way is a good rule of thumb to go by.




Myth #3: "It all shrinks!"


No, it doesn’t. Reading the care label in your garments will tell you whether they’re safe to tumble dry, and at what settings they should be dried. Look out for material-specific programmes or features on your tumble dryer to take care of more delicate items.




Myth #4: "Dryers eat socks"


Wherever the sock monster lives, it’s not in your tumble dryer. If you think your socks are disappearing, it’s much more likely that they’ve fallen on the floor between the drum and your laundry basket. Check under the appliance and to the side. The same goes for your washing machine.




Myth #5: "Fabric softener sheets cause fires"


Fabric softener sheets won’t cause fires, but poor care and maintenance can. We don’t want to alarm you, but a tumble dryer can catch fire if not used and cared for properly.


Cleaning the lint filter after every load, making sure any ventilation ducts are unobstructed, and general cleaning and maintenance of the appliance will help keep this risk to practically zero.



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