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3 min read

Things that should never go into your tumble dryer

Things that should never go into your tumble dryer
Things that should never go into your tumble dryer



As an appliance, your tumble dryer is a bit of a miracle worker, giving you dry clothes in a fraction of the time they would take to air dry. You might be tempted to throw anything that needs drying into the drum, but there are a few items that shouldn’t go anywhere near a tumble dryer. Here’s a list of things that should never go in this particular appliance.




Leather or faux leather


If you get caught in the rain, you might be tempted to throw your leather (or faux leather) jacket into the tumble dryer… don’t! The heat can dry out and crack leather and distort the shape of the garment. Air drying is the way to go for these.






This luxurious material needs the gentlest of care. The heat of a tumble dryer can create creases that are almost impossible to get out. Air drying on a flat surface is best for this material.






Not only will the light fabric get tangled up and possibly snagged in the tumble dryer, the heat will break down any elastic in your tights and could cause shrinkage. 






Another sometimes temperamental fabric, suede should be kept away from washing machines too. Always follow the care label when it comes to cleaning suede items.




(Some) woollens


Wool can be a temperamental fabric, with some garments being washing machine and tumble dryer safe, and others being hand wash and air dry only. Always read the care label in woollen garments carefully, as a spin in the tumble dryer can cause them to shrink beyond repair.




Fur and faux fur


Whether it’s real or fake, the heat of a tumble dryer will cause damage to fur garments. These are best off air dried.




Sequined and beaded garments


Clothing with decorative beads and sequins should definitely be kept at arm’s length from your tumble dryer. Not only can these little embellishments snag on other items, the beads and sequins themselves can be damaged or destroyed by the heat.




Running shoes


While it’s fine to throw trainers in the washing machine on a low heat, they’re best kept out of your tumble dryer. The heat can shrink the rubber soles of your trainers and distort their shape.






While you can machine wash bras , it’s a much better idea to air dry them rather than put them in the tumble dryer. The heat of the dryer will change the shape of the bra, and break down any spandex and elastic.






Bikinis, bathing suits, swimming trunks and speedos are all best left to air dry as the heat from a tumble dryer will distort their fabrics.




Rubber-backed mats


That bathroom mat definitely needs regular cleaning but leave it on the towel rack to dry. If you throw a rubber-backed rug or mat in your tumble dryer, the heat will cause the rubber to crumble or melt and will make a real mess of your appliance.




Bedroom slippers


Just as with rubber-backed mats, the heat from the dryer will damage the soles and any decorations on your nice, cosy slippers. So, if they do need a wash, let them air dry after.




Bags and backpacks


While your bags and backpacks may need a good clean from time to time, they’re definitely best left to air dry. The heat from a tumble dryer can distort the shape of your bag and can even melt any synthetic fibres.


When it comes to laundry, the care label in your garment is the best place to start when you’re deciding how to wash and dry your garment. If you’re looking for more drying tips, head over to our guide on how to load your tumble dryer .



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