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Half the time twice the care
AquaTech Washing Machine
Power of Water
Equipped with the power of water, this brand-new washing technology cuts the
washing time in half, decreases drum spins during the cleaning process and ensures
gentle treatment for textiles to avoid any worries of potential fabric damage.
Speed has never been so delicate
We, as Beko, discovered a way to be fast
without damaging the clothes & deliver perfect cleaning results
Faster Faster
Gentler Gentler
Perfect Cleaning Perfect Cleaning
AquaTech Panel
Twice the care
Twice the care
The new Beko AquaTech eases/soothes drum rotations by
using the power of water to protect your clothes.
AquaTech Drum
Conventional Machine Fabric
AquaTech Machine Fabric
Slider Handle
Washed 25 times
*Tested by internal laboratories
Perfect Cleaning Results
Perfect Cleaning Results
Beko AquaTech premixes water and detergent and let that mix freefall on the fabric prior to cleaning. This
waterfall effect leads to proper penetration into textile and ensures perfect cleaning results.
Waterfall Effect
Lets water penetrate
naturally into the textile
Gentle Movement
Reduced impact of drum rotations with the power of water
Half the time, twice the care
Now it’s our time to transform the ultimate power of water into an
excellent washing technology