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Inspired by Nature,
Powered by Light.
Innovative HarvestFresh™ 3-colour technology mimics
the natural light of the daily sun cyle as it rises,
reaches peak, and sets into nighttime. This preserves
vitamins in fruit and vegetables for longer.
Simulating the Natural
24-Hour Sun Cycle
HarvestFresh™ technology uses 3 energy efficient** colours that simulate the light of the sun over the course of the day.
This mimics the natural sun cycle and preserves vitamins for longer.* Now you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with more
nutritious meals than ever.
It’s time to awake and start photosynthesis
at dawn
It is the midday the time of using the
strongest daylight
Maintaining photosythesis until dusk,
getting ready for night-time.
** The 3-colour light system of HarvestFresh™ uses 45% less energy than blue light technology.
Preserving Vitamins
for Longer
Fruit and vegetables begin losing vitamins the second after they’re picked.
Many continue to lose vitamins even after they’ve been placed in the fridge.
Innovative HarvestFresh™ technology helps to preserve these vitamins and
nutrients in fruit and vegetables for longer.
* Tested by Intertek. Based on Vitamin C and Vitamin A measurements in tomatoes,
green peppers, carrots, spinach and celery directly exposed to the light technology
compared with Day 0 conditions over a 5-day period.
The Benefits of Nature’s
Vitamins are a miracle of nature, just like sunlight. But once fruit
and vegetables are removed from their natural state, their vitamins
begin to break down. HarvestFresh™ is specifically designed to prevent
this loss so your food is healthier than ever.
Vitamins boost the immune system.
Vitamins help prevent diseases like heart disease and cancer.
Vitamins improve cognitive function.
Vitamins are natural antioxidants that protect the cells in your body.
Vitamins A & C are essential nutrients found almost only in food, and preserved by HarvestFresh.
Inspired by
Powered by
Reconnect with Nature
Beko brings natural light cycles to your fridge and lets you enjoy
the healthy lifestyle that it inspires.
Discover our HarvestFresh™ Fridge Freezers.