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Can I reuse my vacuum cleaner's dust bag?

No. Dust bags should be used only once because they are mode of a porous material. These pores will be clogged with dust and dirt even if you empty the dust bag. Using dust bags more than once may damage your vacuum cleaner in the long run. It may also lead to a drop in your appliance’s performance. 

Where can I find my Beko vacuum cleaner's serial number?

Every Beko vacuum cleaner has a unique serial number. The location of the factory sticker changes depening on the model of your appliance. Robot, canister and barrel vacuum cleaners' serial numbers are located under the appliance. Upright and cordless vacuums have their serial number stickers at the back or on the handle of the appliance. 

Can I use my vacuum cleaner to suck up liquids or wet spills?

You can only use water filtered vacuum cleaners or vacuums with carpet cleaning functions to suck up liquids. Other models may get damaged if you try to vacuum over wet surfaces.

What should I never vacuum with my vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are designed to pick up ordinary household dust and dirt. Big, hard and pointy items may clog or damage your appliance. That’s why you should not vacuum things like construction debris, cement dust, pins, and hairclips. Unless you own a water-filtered vacuum cleaner or one that has a carpet cleaning function, you should not use vacuum wet spills either.

Can I use my vacuum cleaner outside?

Although indoor vacuum cleaners are not designed to be used outside, you can use them as long as you don’t pick up hard items and do not overfill the dust bag or container.