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YourEko Energy Saving Calculations
Youreko’s Energy Savings Tool helps you understand the financial benefit of buying an efficient appliance. Sustainable choices are great for the environment but they also save you money in energy costs. We show you how much. Look out for the tool on laundry, dishwasher and refrigeration products.

How it works?

  • Products in the market are loaded from manufacturer and/or retailer sites
  • The lifetime energy cost is calculated for all products
  • The tool provides information about how each product compares to like-for-like products in the market

Energy Savings


The tool displays an energy saving compared to the least efficient like-for-like model in the market.


For example “£297 energy saving” is shown when viewing a 10 kg washing machine, compared to the least efficient 10 kg washing machine in the market. This allows you to immediately see what the difference in energy savings is for 10 kg models.

Ratings For Energy Savings


Products are given a gold/silver/bronze medal rating based on their energy savings.

For example the tool shows “Gold for energy savings” when viewing an 8 kg tumble dryer, compared to all 8 kg tumble dryers in the market.

Personalise Your Energy Savings



The tool allows you to customise your usage for each type of appliance to show the energy savings for your personal circumstances.

What do the medal ratings mean?


We place products by size into 5 bands according to their energy savings. A medal rating is given to each product based on the band it is in.