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8 Tips to Add Geometric Patterns to Your Kitchen
8 Tips to Add Geometric Patterns to Your Kitchen

3m read

8 Tips to Add Geometric Patterns to Your Kitchen

8 Tips to Add Geometric Patterns to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the heart of your home - so it needs a personality as unique as yours. While neutral colors are traditional for kitchen design, a pop of pattern can lift your space into a whole new design dimension.


Geometric shapes have been on the rise for some time in interior design circles and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. From tessellating tiles or geometric wallpaper to origami-style accessories, geometric patterns add eye-catching accents in a modern and understated manner. Here are our tips for transforming your kitchen with bold patterns and lines.



A backsplash forms a natural focal point for your kitchen space, framed by hob, hood and cabinets. Turn this negative space into a stand-out feature with bold, patterned tiles which will easily add some geometric shapes to the room. Choose a monochrome color scheme for a sleek, modern kitchen, or vibrant colors for a burst of character. Place tiles carefully to create a three-dimensional isometric effect, or randomly for a truly one-of-a-kind backsplash. If you want more kitchen backsplash ideas, head over here  for some creative tips and examples. 


Floor tiles 

For the real pattern-lover, the kitchen floor is an ideal place to let geometric tiles go wild. While a tiled floor can be overwhelming in a small or heavily-decorated space, airier kitchens are primed for tessellating patterns that will have guests’ eyes turned downwards for all the right reasons.



Not ready to commit to a fully-tiled floor? Indulge in the geometric trend with colorful textiles featuring repeating and bold patterns. Decide on a pattern set and match designs across kitchen curtains, blinds, seat cushions, throw pillows, table cloths and tea towels to form a cohesive style that can easily be changed later down the line. An area rug is always a good and non-permanent idea to incorporate geometric prints to any room. 



A pendant light can steal the show in a modern, minimalist kitchen – particularly when it uses geometric shapes to its advantage. From striking wire structures to multi-faceted fabric shades, these quirky accents can add an isometric edge to your kitchen with geometric designs. 



Whether you opt for eye-catching patterned cabinet fronts or choose to alternate neutral and colored doors to create your own statement, cabinets can quickly become geometric wall art in their own rights. Try mixing neutral-toned and wooden fronts for a striking yet timeless look.



Geometry isn’t just about the little details. Add a subtle pattern to your kitchen design by cleverly placing cabinets and shelves. Go modern with sleek, symmetrical wall units, or take your kitchen in a quirkier direction with exposed asymmetrical shelving. If you choose to go with symmetry, opting for built-in appliances  will add to the effect. Built-in appliances integrate seamlessly to your cabinets, creating a smooth and endless surface.  


Into the woods 

Geometric doesn’t have to mean ceramic and walls are by no means the only place geometric designs can go. Bring out the warm, Nordic feel of natural wood with patterned wooden flooring or countertops. This effect allows subtle variances in the tone and texture of wood to shine, drawing the eye without detracting from your Scandinavian-style space. If you’re really into Scandinavian design, you might like our article on how to create a Nordic look for your kitchen .  


A global twist 

Geometric tiles also lend themselves to a rich Moroccan-inspired look. Try mixing small mosaic-style accent tiles with larger expanses boasting vibrant repeating patterns. A color palette of deep blues and burnt reds will add a touch of Middle-Eastern opulence, while colored lanterns and woven textiles complete the transformation. 


Looking for kitchen inspiration? Visit your local Beko studio  and find the perfect appliances for your home.