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How to Set Up a Minimalist Kitchen
How to Set Up a Minimalist Kitchen

2m read

How to Set up a Minimalist Kitchen
How to Set Up a Minimalist Kitchen?

Are you longing for a cleaner, more streamlined kitchen that is free of clutter but not personality? Perhaps now is the time to claim back your space and create the minimalist kitchen of your dreams.


Minimalism isn’t simply getting rid of all of your possessions and painting everything you own white. Minimalist living is about paring down with purpose and creating a calming, elegant aesthetic. This is your chance to turn your kitchen into an oasis. Here are the essentials to setting up a beautifully minimalist kitchen.

Use your kitchen units to your advantage 

Opt for clean, white kitchen units over open shelves to hide any clutter. Bright white or off-white colors are the choice of many who follow the minimalist lifestyle. Choose kitchen cabinets with laminate or melamine doors. Their glossy surfaces are not only easy to keep clean but reflect light to give the illusion of more space. Kitchen units without handles are ideal for the minimalist kitchen design.

Showcase your favorite items 

Now that the majority of your kitchen equipment is hidden, you can afford to have a few carefully selected items on display. Consider the overall style you’re going for. A more modern minimalist may opt for a few copper items on display. If you’re more traditional, an elegantly worn chopping board or earthen vase could work wonders. A carefully curated selection of items on display can make a room feel pared down without appearing bare. 

Introduce white light 

Bright, white spaces are key to achieving minimalist perfection. Keeping your kitchen bright is also key to cooking with ease. After all, you want to be able to see what you’re doing. Install under-cabinet lighting to fully illuminate work surfaces and give the impression of more space. Be sure to strike a good balance, though. Too white and you could end up with a kitchen that looks more clinical than chic. 

Create more space

Avoid hanging pots and pans from the ceilings or having anything cluttering the air space. Remember, decluttering is the first rule to minimalist home décor. If you have high ceilings and need something to draw the eye upwards, opt for elegant and simple pendant lights. Try keeping your countertops free of items that are not essential to your everyday needs. In fact, use this as an opportunity to get rid of anything that you don’t use like knife sets, bread machines or chocolate fountains that you stored away since your wedding day. 

Smooth surfaces

As a prominent part of your design, your kitchen surfaces should be a big consideration. Choose monochrome surfaces and appliances, and muted tones for walls and tiles. Avoid any patterns, as these will make the room look busy and detract from the minimalist effect. If you want to break away from a completely flat and dull look, choose natural stones like granite or marble with little contrast in terms of color and texture.

Hide your appliances 

Even the most elegant appliances can detract from a minimalist look. Go for built-in appliances that will fit in seamlessly with your kitchen cabinets and furniture. Discover our full range of sleek, built-in appliances  or come visit us at our studios closest to you .