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2 min read

6 refrigerator myths debunked

5 Refrigerator Myths Debunked
5 Refrigerator Myths Debunked



When it comes to refrigerators and food storage, you may well come across conflicting advice or downright misinformation. This little article will take a look at 5 of the biggest fridge-related myths and set the record straight.




Myth #1: "The temperature dial tells you the exact temperature in your refrigerator"


While it’s important to set you refrigerator temperature using the dial inside, it’s not a given that that’ll be the precise temperature inside. A number of factors can affect the internal temperature of the appliance, so the only sure-fire way to know how cool (or warm) your refrigerator is to use a thermometer. The ideal cooler temperature is between 3 and 4°C.




Myth #2: "It’s OK to thaw frozen food on the countertop"


Leaving frozen food out on a worksurface may defrost it a little quicker, but your inviting bacteria to the party! It’s always best to thaw frozen food either in the refrigerator or the microwave and use it as soon as it’s thawed. If you’re marinating food, best to do this in the refrigerator too.




Myth #3: "Baking soda is best for absorbing bad odours in your refrigerator"


While baking soda will absorb smelly odours in your refrigerator to some extent, activated charcoal is actually better at doing this. There are many deodorisers available on the market, so check that the one you go for uses activated charcoal.




Myth #4: "Leftovers will keep for a few weeks"


Nobody like food waste, and some even say cold takeaway tastes better the next day! But if you can’t remember when you made that dish sitting on your refrigerator shelve, or when the delivery boy came, it’s time to throw those leftovers away. Four days in the maximum that you should be keeping any leftovers.




Myth #5: "It doesn’t matter where you put what in your refrigerator"


A well-organised fridge is more than good housekeeping. Some areas inside your fridge like doors are warmer than others. Plus, warm air rises so temperatures are slightly higher on the upper shelves. That’s why certain items are better stored on the lower shelves while some others can sit well on the door rack. 




Myth #6: "Your refrigerator is an energy-monger and there’s nothing you can do about it"


Yes, refrigerators work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But let us start out by saying that they have evolved greatly in terms of energy efficiency. Modern fridges are at least twice more energy-efficient than those from 10 years ago. Also, there are various things you can do to reduce the power consumption of your refrigerator.



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