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1 min read

How to I fix an oven that does not heat?

How to I fix an oven that does not heat?
How to I fix an oven that does not heat?



Make sure that your appliance is plugged into a working outlet. If your oven is still not heating, see if one of the following will solve the problem.




Make sure cooking function or temperature is set 


You may have forgotten to select a function or a temperature setting. Check if they’re set and try starting your oven again.




Make sure the timer is set


If your oven is equipped with a timer, you need to adjust the time setting too. Remember to set a cooking time when using your oven. Keep in mind that on models with a microwave function, the timer only controls the microwave time.




Consider technical problems


If the problem continues, your oven might have a technical problem. If you suspect this to be the case, contact an authorised service agent.



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