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How to fix an iron that's not heating up?

How to fix an iron that’s not heating up?
How to fix an iron that’s not heating up?



Make sure that your appliance is plugged into a working outlet. If you’re using an extension cord, check to see if that might have malfunctioned. Try plugging your iron into a wall socket instead. If your iron is still not heating up, see if one of the following will solve the problem.





Check the cable 


Check the power cable and make sure that it’s not damaged. A frayed cord is an electrical hazard. If your iron’s cord is frayed, stop using the appliance immediately and contact an authorised service agent.





Check the temperature setting and the indicator light


Make sure the temperature adjustment knob is set above the MIN position. If not, turn it clockwise until the temperature reaches the levels you're happy with.


Once you plug in your iron and adjust the temperature, the thermostat indicator should light up. If the light doesn’t come on and the iron doesn’t heat up after a few minutes, the heating element might have burnt out. In most cases, it’s not worth fixing the appliance.



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