Rice Cooker (860 W) | RCI 80143 B | BEKO
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RCI 80143 B: Rice Cooker (860 W)


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RCI 80143 B: Rice Cooker (860 W)

Dimension (cm)
0 Height
0 Width
0 Depth


Warm Keeping

Your food warm & read for whenever you want

Maybe you've cooked the meal, but dinner won't be served for hours. Cookers with a “keep warm” function let you keep food warm without cooking it through, so every meal can always be served piping hot.

Built-in Timer

Precise timing, effortless results

No more standing over the fryer to make sure things don’t get soggy. The Fryer Timer means you can relax until the fries or veg are done. Just set the right time for your recipe and grab a book or catch-up on your favourite TV show.

Tech Specs

Key Features


860 W

Pot Capacity

18 L

Keep Warm Function

Functions & Features


LCD Screen

Cool-touch Body

Pot Capacity

18 L

Keep Warm Function

Dimensions & Weight


40 cm


29 cm


24 cm


4.6 kg

Packaged Height

44.6 cm

Packaged Width

28.6 cm

Packaged Depth

32 cm

Packaged Weight

5.4 kg