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My freezer is making a beeping alarm sound. How do I stop it?

If the freezer door is left open, the door open alarm will begin within a few minutes. You will hear a warning sound that will make you aware that the door is not fully shut. As soon as you close the door, the alarm will turn off.

Why are my ice cubes cloudy? How do I get rid of the white flakes in my ice cubes?

Water freezes from the outside in, and the impurities inside the water are pushed towards the middle before they freeze. These impurities (minerals like calcium and lime) are harmless as long as you use drinkable water. Bottled and demineralized water has fewer impurities than tap water, so it will produce clearer ice cubes.

Why do ice cubes shrink in my freezer?

This is not unusual. The water molecules on the surface of the ice slowly join the water molecules in the air surrounding them. This is called sublimation. It occurs at a noticeable rate in environments with low humidity, such as freezers.

Why does my freezer stop working and start defrosting when it's cold?

The outside temperature may prevent your freezer from functioning properly, especially if it is placed in a garage or somewhere outside that isn’t heated. The freezer thermostat will switch off when the ambient temperature drops below the temperature inside the appliance. In this case, your freezer unit may stop working and start defrosting. 


If you think this might be the issue, relocate the appliance. To see the exact lowest ambient temperature your Beko freezer will work in, check your user manual. If you’re having trouble finding your manual, download it here using your product’s model number.