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10 Ways to Create a Nordic Look for Your Kitchen
10 Ways to Create a Nordic Look for Your Kitchen

3m read

10 Ways to Create a Nordic Look for Your Kitchen

10 Ways to Create a Nordic Look for Your Kitchen

Scandinavian design has won over hearts and homes around the world and in interior design, combining efficient design with an all-important feeling of tranquility.


Boasting clean lines, minimalist chic, and natural light, Nordic kitchens are ideal for busy cooks who want to maintain a beautiful yet functional space amidst the bustle of everyday life. 


By adding hints of warmth, wood and color, you can make a modern Nordic kitchen truly your own. Here are our tips for bringing the joy of Scandinavian style into your home this year.


Think white

Clean white surfaces are at the heart of Scandinavian style, creating a bright and airy space in even the smallest of kitchens. Maximize natural light by opting for sleek white cabinets and appliances. For a more rustic look, white-painted wood works a charm.


Think wooden

White and bright don’t have to mean monochrome. Soft-toned woods such as pine or birch can add instant warmth to your kitchen space. Consider a white painted table for a true family hub, or sleek wooden stools at a breakfast bar for two. Not to forget kitchen cabinets which will carry the wooden effect to the eye level. 


Think patterns

Invite a pop of color into your kitchen with patterned tiles and colorful kitchenware. Little accents such as countertop containers, seat pads, tea towels and other décor items can really pull a kitchen space together. Take inspiration for bold geometric prints from our article on how to add geometric patterns to your kitchen.


Think pastels

Pastel hues complement the pale wood of Scandinavian kitchen design, ushering in an airy springtime brightness year-round. Consider yellow or pale aqua for your cabinets or cabinet doors and backsplash tiles, in-keeping with the clean, streamlined feel of Nordic chic.


Create ambiance

Lighting is all-important when it comes to creating a Nordic space. If your kitchen has large windows, make the most of natural light by leaving windows unadorned, or adding a simple roller-blind. If your kitchen is less well-lit, hang metallic pendant lights above your eating area for a contemporary burst of light. Installing the right kind of light fixtures can really change a room. You can always add some under-cabinet lights too. 


Go “hygge”

Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga”, is a Danish phenomenon that centers around creating a happy life and a sense of wellbeing. Create a sense of calm by investing in rosy metal cookware, natural wooden flooring, and rustic accents such as seat cushions, tablecloths and soft throws. Throwing in a patch of green here and there works wonders too. Open shelves are a good idea to display your plants. These little hints of coziness transform a functional space into a warm, rustic hub.


Or go modern

If the rural Danish cottage look isn’t for you, incorporating dark tones such as black, charcoal, or deep blue could give your kitchen a more contemporary edge. A dark range, hood or kitchen island would make an eye-catching focal point while emphasizing those clean lines of the Scandinavian style.


Keep it clean

Simplicity is key to Nordic design. Cluttered worktops draw attention away from the clean lines and trendy accents that make up the Scandinavian style. Ensure that everything in your kitchen has its own space, utilizing clever cabinets and chic countertop containers, also giving yourself more storage space.


Make it minimalist

It can be tempting to indulge in accessories when redesigning a kitchen, but for a true Nordic look, less is always more. Avoid details such as ornate cabinet handles and elaborate light fixtures, and allow the natural textures of wood, natural stone, and metal to speak for themselves.


Focus on function

Nordic design keeps functionality at its heart, allowing you to cook, clean and entertain with ease and efficiency. Keep your kitchen experience Scandinavian-simple with sleek, innovative appliances that make your everyday that little bit easier.

Ready to create your Nordic kitchen? Browse our modern, design-driven appliances for inspiration.