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2 min read

Beko dishwasher programmes explained

Beko dishwasher programmes explained
Beko dishwasher programmes explained



If there’s a Beko dishwasher you’ve got your eye on, or if you’ve just purchased one and want to know exactly what it can do, you’ll want to know all about its programmes and features.


This little guide will take you through the programmes and features available on Beko dishwashers*, so you’ll know exactly what your brand new appliance will be able to do.


*Programmes and features depend on model. Please check product specification for details.


Beko dishwashers offer a range of programmes for different load types. Here is an overview of these programmes and what type of load they’re best for.






Temperature: 40 °C -65 °C

Best for: Most loads

Duration: 110 - 173 min


This programme uses sensors to determine how dirty the load is and then sets the temperature, amount of water and wash time accordingly.






Temperature: -

Best for: Mixed loads

Duration: 203 min


This programme handles mixed loads, including glassware, pots and pans, and plastics. Delicate items should be placed in the top basket, while pans and trays should be in the bottom basket.






Temperature: 50 °C

Best for: Medium soiled

Duration: 245 min


This programme reduces temperature and water usage for a more economical clean of medium soiled dishes.






Temperature: 70 °C

Best for: Heavily soiled

Duration: 170 min


This programme is best for heavily soiled, large items such as dishes, pots and pans.







Temperature: 70 °C

Best for: Heavily soiled

Duration: 160 (min)


This programme uses a higher temperature for extra hygiene. Especially for baby bottles and dishes. It can also be used for heavily soiled dishes.




Quick & Shine®


Temperature: 60 °C

Best for: Mixed loads

Duration: 58 min


This programme is for lightly or medium soiled everyday loads. Reduced programme time means you’ll have your dishes clean faster.






Temperature: 40 °C

Best for: Glassware

Duration: 120 min


This programme is specifically for the gentle cleaning of glassware.






Temperature: 35 °C

Best for: Lightly soiled

Duration: 30 min


This programme is best for lightly soiled or pre-rinsed dishes.






Temperature: -

Best for: -

Duration: 15 min


This programme is for rinsing dishes loaded into the dishwasher before a main programme will be run. This will remove debris and prevent odour developing while the appliance is waiting for a full load.






Temperature: -

Best for: -

Duration: 75 min


This is a self-cleaning programme that should be used once every month or two to thoroughly clean the tub of the dishwasher. This programme should be run when the appliance is empty.



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