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How to find your Beko Range's serial number
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How to find your Beko Range's serial number


If your range or wall oven is cooking or baking your food unevenly, it may need temperature calibration.


Use an oven thermometer to see if calibration is required. Place the thermometer inside the product and set your oven to a temperature of your choice. After around 30 minutes, check the thermometer to see if it’s showing the temperature you set.


If your range or oven is running hot or cold, it needs calibration. Please contact an authorized service agent to have your appliance calibrated. 

Every Beko product has a unique serial number.


In Range Cookers, it's located on the top wall of the inside frame. Please see our video that shows how to find it.


In Wall Ovens, it’s located behind the door, on the bottom of the inside frame.

It’s normal for your range or oven's fan to run for a while after it has been turned off. This helps cool the product and its electrical controls. It’ll stop automatically once the product has cooled down.

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