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My oven produces smoke when working. Should I be worried?

My range or oven produces smoke when working. Should I be worried?
My range or oven produces smoke when working. Should I be worried?



This is not unusual.


It’s normal for your range or wall oven to produce some smoke while cooking. Here are the most common reasons why this happens.




Residue from the manufacturing process


Some parts of your range or oven may carry oily or protective residue from the manufacturing processes. It’s perfectly normal for the product to give off smoke during its first use as these materials are burned away. 




Grease build-up 


It’s typical for fat and grease to drip down onto the heating element when food is cooked in the cavity. Grease may also evaporate from foods and stick to the ceiling or walls of the range/oven. When the product is turned on the next time, this grease build-up will burn, producing smoke and an acrid smell.




Cleaning agent residue


Another common reason for your range or oven to smoke is cleaning agent residue left on its inner surfaces.




Pyrolytic self-cleaning


Some Beko ranges and ovens feature pyrolytic self-cleaning, which increases the inner temperature of your oven up to 900 degrees and burns all food debris and splatters to ash. You can then remove this ash from the bottom of the inside of your product. Pyrolytic self-cleaning is effective on all the surfaces and parts of your product, including the shelves and the front door, and reduces the need to use cleaning agents.




Catalytic panels


All Beko ranges and ovens are also equipped with catalytic panels on the back and side walls which absorb grease, eliminating the need for abrasive cleaning chemicals on the inside of the product. 


If cleaning doesn’t help and the smoke produced is very heavy, turn your appliance off immediately and contact an authorized service agent.



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