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Ajiaco Soup
Ajiaco Soup

1m read

Ajiaco Soup

Let's add a little bit of spice!

Ajiaco is a unique Colombian dish. It's a hearty chicken soup with a spicy

punch! It's safe to say that indulging in new flavors and pampering your palate

is one of the most exciting aspects of travel. This recipe brings the flavors of

Colombian cuisine to your own home.





Total Time

40 Min


● 70 g Butter

● ½ Chicken

● 60 g Onion

● 250-300 g White part of scallions

● 10 g Garlic

● 5 g Celery stalk

● 100 g Potato

● 1 tsp red pepper

● 1 tsp Coriander


● 1 tsp Black pepper

● 120 g Capers

● 60 g Lemon juice

● 400 ml fish stock

● 1.2 L Water

● 30 g Boiled corn kernels

● 30 g Avocado

For the salsa sauce;

● 15 g red pepper (spicy)

● 400 g Tomatoes

● 1 tsp Ground red pepper

● 100 g Onion

● 20 g Garlic

● 1 tsp sugar

● 20 g Olive oil

● Salt & pepper

Step by step

1. Peel the vegetables and cut them all into cubes.

2. Saute diced onions, garlic in butter.

3. Cut the chicken into pieces and add it to your pot with 1.2 l of water,

bring it to a boil.

Add coriander black pepper, salt, red pepper celery leaf. Then add diced

avocado, potatoes, and corn. Cook for 15 minutes, pour fish stock on top

and cook for 5 more minutes.

4. Turn off the heat then add capers and lemon juice.


For Salsa sauce;

1. Saute the diced onion and garlic in olive oil. Then add the diced

tomatoes, hot pepper and spices. Cook until the tomatoes are soft.

2. Pour soup on bowls, serve with the salsa sauce and parsley on top.