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5m read

Eat seasonal, eat like a pro!

Beko HarvestFresh fridge freezers use innovative 3 colour light technology in the crisper drawer to cleverly mimic the 24-hour sun cycle, preserving vitamins in fruits and vegetables for longer. So, you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle with more nutritious meals than ever.


The human body has a magnificent mechanism that works in harmony with nature. The most important role in the flawless functioning of this mechanism is the food we consume. From amino acids, which are the building blocks of cells, to vitamins that enable hormones to function properly; The body needs nutrients in order to maintain its vital functions, from minerals that are involved in the transport of messages that need to be transmitted from the brain to the systems, to energy source nutrients used in metabolism activities.



We all try to eat a healthy and balanced diet and to meet our body's needs through food in order to protect and support our holistic health. However, with the changes taking place in nature, the needs of our body and the functioning of the systems are also in constant change.



For example, while our need for water increases in the hot summer season, we need more water-rich foods, while in cold winter months, it may become our priority to eat foods that will support our immune system and help maintain our body temperature. Let's take a look at what seasonal nutrition is.



What is seasonal nutrition?


Being an inseparable part of the ecological balance, humansw, like all other living things, meet their needs through the resources offered by nature. Therefore, our bodies, which have become what they are today as a result of thousands of years of evolution, are programmed to move in line with a 'biological rhythm' in harmony with the changes and cycles in nature.



It is more possible than in the past to maintain a lifestyle in harmony with this biological rhythm, which covers all of our metabolic activities. But today, many environmental conditions such as sitting at a desk for long hours, eating foods that are processed, ripened with preservatives and chemicals, and consuming foods that are not grown in our geography can cause our biological rhythm to become unbalanced.



In addition, important changes in the way we cultivate, produce, process and consume food in the 21st century with the advancing technology and industrialization play an important role in moving our diet away from the 'natural' one.



The fact that our lifestyle and eating habits are not compatible with the cycle of nature can cause a much faster depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution and deterioration of the health of the planet by damaging the balance of the ecosystem as well as our physical health.



Seasonal nutrition is a nutrition style that focuses on consuming foods that are grown in our geography under natural conditions, that nature offers according to its own flow and seasonal changes, that is, our nutrition with local fruits and vegetables grown in the season, and has numerous benefits for both our health and the environment.



What are the Benefits of Seasonal Nutrition?


The products grown in the season do not need any environmental regulation, harmful chemicals, pesticides; Since it grows in completely natural conditions, including these products in our nutrition routine helps both our health and keeping the soil, air and water clean.



Supports health


All nutrients that grow in nature in their own way, in accordance with seasonal conditions, contain the nutrients that the human body needs most in that season and environmental conditions.



Strengthens the immune system


Seasonal fruits and vegetables ripened in the sun, harvested when the time comes, and consumed quickly after harvesting contain more antioxidants, nutrients, and healthy bacteria (probiotics).



Contributes to the local economy


Food that is ripe in season is often purchased from nearby farms and local producers, as it will spoil quickly on long journeys. This allows us to both support small businesses and consume more nutrient-rich foods.



Significantly reduces carbon emissions


Seasonal nutrition not only reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which is the most important cause of climate change, but also contributes to a more sustainable future by making less use of natural resources and less pollution.



So how can you protect the fruits and vegetables you buy while eating seasonally?


HarvestFresh is Beko's unique crisper drawer technology that uses innovative 3 colour light technology, to cleverly mimic the 24-hour sun cycle. This keeps the fruits and vegetables in its natural original environment long after it's been harvested, preserving vitamins and freshness for longer


What is our innovative 3 colour light technology?


1. During the first 4 hours of the cycle, the crisper lights shine blue, mimicking the dawn of day, the first light in the morning.


2. As the sun cycle reaches its peak, the light in the crisper turns green for 2 hours, replicating the hottest time of the day; midday. 


3. Then followed by 6 hours of red light in the crisper, imitating the more muted tones of dusk, just before night falls.


What is the importance of seasonal nutrition?

Eating seasonally ensures that we are properly nourished throughout the year by eating the best that the season offers. It’s extremely beneficial to our health - they function as antioxidants, help detoxification, and can reduce DNA damage.

Which vegetables and fruits should be consumed in the fall?


Green Beans, beets, bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower. Pears, apples, kumquats, cranberries, persimmons, grapes, cape gooseberries, pomegranates.

How does Beko HarvestFresh preserve vitamins longer?

HarvestFresh is Beko's unique crisper drawer technology that uses innovative 3 colour light technology, to cleverly mimic the 24-hour sun cycle. This keeps the fruits and vegetables in it's natural original environment long after it's been harvested, preserving vitamins and freshness for longer.