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Freeze all your favourite flavours and enjoy them
whenever you want with our stylish freezers.
results (6)

BCF 5012 NW

Freezer (Chest, 195 L)

Freezer (Chest, 195 L) BCF 5012 NW
  • MultiZone: fridge to freezer with one touch


Freezer (Chest, 86 L)

Freezer (Chest, 86 L) HS305

HS 455

Freezer (Chest, 386 L)

Freezer (Chest, 386 L) HS 455
  • Minimum frost build-up

BCF 2222 UK

Freezer (Chest, 200 L)

Freezer (Chest, 200 L) BCF 2222 UK

BCF 1111 UK

Freezer (Chest, 100 L)

Freezer (Chest, 100 L) BCF 1111 UK


Freezer (Upright, 212 L)

Freezer (Upright, 212 L) BUF300 UK
  • Reversible Door: adjustable door direction
results (6)