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3m read

Colour or Material: The Best Current Kitchen Trends 

If your kitchen decor is looking a little tired, an on-trend kitchen remodel might be on the cards. Monochrome hues and pale wood have dominated contemporary kitchens for the last few years, but that’s about to change. Current trends suggest a more rich, earthy palette and contrasting textures for the more adventurous.


Here's our guide to the most up-to-date looks for modern kitchen design. Most of these kitchen design ideas can be applied by homeowners and renters alike, and you don’t need to be an interior designer to pull them off. 

Warm and welcoming  

This year, the popular colour palette includes natural neutrals, deep blues and autumn yellows. With this earthy colour selection dominating kitchens around the world, this year kitchens will be warmer and more welcoming than ever. You can apply these colours from kitchen cabinets to walls, and from small accents or décor pieces to your whole floor. Pair your colour palette with plants in clay or terracotta pots to bring a further touch of nature into your family home. 


Two-toned kitchens are big, with clay, copper, gold, henna, and ginger being paired with warm colours. Deep red hues juxtaposed with gold or copper will give your kitchen a rustic charm that is inviting for the whole family. You can try this look with some moderation, applying it to decorative items and textiles, or you can take the bold step and use two different colours for your upper and lower kitchen cabinets. 

Heart Wood 

Heart Wood was Dulux’s colour of the year for 2018, and is an ideal warm, natural tone for a relaxing family space. A smoky, neutral taupe with a hint of mauve heather, this shade will compliment warm metallic tones and off-white wooden cabinets to create a cosy yet understated space. If you would like to try something bolder and darker, check out our suggestions on latest premium design trends.

Moroccan tiles 

Take your kitchen to the Middle East this year with busy Moroccan-inspired design. In 2017, Pinterest searches for ‘Moroccan tiles’ increased by 71% and ‘Moroccan splashbacks’ by 66% over the previous 12 months. It’s clear that rich colours and vibrant patterns were gaining in popularity in kitchens.


Whether you want to give new life to your backsplash or transform your entire floor into a rich geometric mosaic, feature tiles are gathering pace as a trend, along with Moroccan accents such as wooden worktops, glass lanterns and rich textiles.

Rosy metals 

From bronze taps to pendant lights, metallics add warmth to kitchens of all sizes. These statement pieces are opulent focal points in smaller kitchen spaces, or add sophisticated flair to airier rooms.


Metallic tones can create a coppery industrial look or a vintage golden glow. Try adding metallic cabinet handles, accent tiles, light fixtures and kitchenware to your room, and create a rich, warm space for the whole family to enjoy together.

Built-in appliances 

With more and more people moving into cities, homes are becoming smaller than ever. Kitchens and bathrooms suffer the most from this shrinking trend and interior designers face new challenges when designing these spaces. We're seeing a trend towards declining ownership: young people, in particular, prefer sharing or renting to owning stuff. Plus, busy lives require increasingly smart and flexible appliances all around the home. 


Stainless steel appliances still occupy most modern kitchen designs. However, these changes in lifestyles and habits are turning the trend towards built-in appliances . Built-in appliances in general have more varied features and advanced technologies, and blend in better with the rest of the kitchen furniture. If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, built-in is the way to go! For more information on how to pick the best kitchen appliances , check out our suggestions. 


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