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Beko IndyFlex Hob makes life just a little bit simpler
Beko IndyFlex Hob makes life just a little bit simpler

5m read

Save time in the kitchen, spend a bit more time with family

Save time in the kitchen, spend a bit more time with family
Save time in the kitchen, spend a bit more time with family

Beko IndyFlex Hob makes life just a little bit simpler with its flexible cooking zone


As we all know, trying a new recipe, inviting people to dinner, and having pleasant table conversations with your loved ones is very enjoyable. But also, it all takes a lot of time. Planning, shopping, preparation, and cooking take a lot of time between work, parenting, school activities, and daily tasks. 


If you love cooking, then you know the enjoy of sharing a meal together


There is nothing more enjoyable than hosting a large group of guests. It is a perfect opportunity to share all the news and happiness you missed. Or remembering the old days and experiencing the same joy... 


But not everyone has time to devote to cooking every day. According to studies, most adults have less than one hour in the kitchen. So, you need some cooking tips! 


Ready to save some cooking time in the kitchen?


Beko's IndyFlex induction hobs with flexible cooking zones helps you control your cooktop easily. When you need to use a larger pan than usual, it's easy to merge two cooking zones to create a larger one thanks to Beko's IndyFlex technology.


Also, with the help of different illumination levels of Beko's IndyFlex technology, you can easily recognize which part of the flexible cooking zone is activated and which function is used and saving time with a sleek design that fits right into your kitchen as you Live Like a Pro.


It's the perfect time to find your inspiration in the kitchen. Here’s the best time-saving cooking tips from professional chefs and home cooks. 


Decide what you will eat during the week


Set your menu and make sure stick to it! Also ask your family for their ideas and needs, too.


Make a detailed shopping list


After the meal planning, make sure to read the recipes and check your fridge and pantry. And don’t buy extras of anything you already have and create an essentials list.


Wash your produce before putting it fridge


Rinse off all your vegs, fruits, and greens before storing. This can be really helpful when you’re making workday dinners. 


Cook one pot or one pan meals


One pot or one pan meals means less clean-up. It also means less things to monitor on the stove. Cut up your veggies for the week and store in the fridge in air tight containers for soups, salads and main dishes.

How to save from cooking time with Beko IndyFlex Hob?


Flexible cooking zones allow you to cook up to four small dishes or two small and one large dish by linking the two cooking zones. So you can get organised in the kitchen very easily.

What skills do you need to be a good cook?


Practice does make you perfect. In order to become a good cook, you will need to be open to learning and it is also essential that you have the ability to always work cleanly. And time management also is an additionally beneficial skill.

How to reduce energy use in the kitchen?


The kitchen typically uses the most energy compared to other rooms. Here are a few tips to minimize energy use:  Make sure to match the pan size to the element you’re cooking on. A small pot on a large burner wastes energy. Keep your freezer and refrigerator doors closed as much as possible.