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Beko washing machine protects your workout clothes
Beko washing machine protects your workout clothes

5m read

Keep your sportswear in perfect condition

Keep your sportswear in perfect condition
Keep your sportswear in perfect condition

Beko's washing machine with a special Sports Program prevents friction within the drum, helping your clothes preserve their waterproof features and breathability


The importance of living a healthy life is felt more and more every day. As for the effect of the increasing young population, the importance of healthy living and sports has been spreading in our country in recent years. Therefore, equipment, clothes and the sneakers of the sport also attract great attention.


Although the choice of sportswear is according to the type of exercise which you will do, most of the workout clothing is made of flexible, high-quality fabric designed to move with your body during a workout and keep you cool by wicking sweat away from the skin. 


Another important topic such as sportswear is how to care for them


And we have compiled everything you need to know. Most of the time, we don't check at the washing instructions when washing our clothes. When it comes to sportswear, following the washing instructions means you can use your clothes for longer without sacrificing their quality. 


Air your sportswear before throwing it in the laundry basket


First of all, when you get home from the gym you should air out your clothes by taking them out of the bag. "Can't I just wash them right away?" You might think like that, but most of the time this can't be the case.


The overtime of the humid environment in your clothes causes the smell of the sweat and the bacteria that cause it to multiply. Therefore, if you aren't going to wash your clothes on the same day, you should definitely air them after sports and throw them in the laundry basket.


Turn your sports clothes inside out before washing


The layer of dirt accumulated in our clothes is located on the inside, so it will be more useful to turn the insides of sports clothes out before washing them. In fact, you should make it a habit to do this for all your clothing, including fitness gear.


Choose the right washing machine program 


The temperature of the water is an important point that you should pay attention to when you are washing your sports clothes; you should definitely prefer cold water to avoid damaging to your clothes. 


You can also choose programs suitable for sportswear in many washing machines to help you with this. These programs use both cold water and spin at a lower speed. If you have a Beko Washing Machine, the Sports Program will make washing easier.


Don't use softener 


Besides choosing the right program when washing your sports clothes, choosing the right products can also increase your efficiency. For the safety of your sports clothes, you should choose detergents specially prepared for them and help them preserve their structure and be long-lasting.


But when it comes to softener, the situation changes a little bit. When you use a softener, you can cause the special structure of sportswear to deform, which means that colorful sports tights and t-shirts wear out in a short time.

How to choose the right sportswear?


Products designed with heat-controlling technologies that will allow your skin to breathe will be the right choice. In summer, you should choose clothes that can quickly dry and expel sweat, and in winter you have to choose thermal insulation and antiperspirant clothes.

Which wash washing machine program is right for sports clothes?


If you are a Beko user, it will be more sufficient to choose the sports program specially designed for sportswear. This washing machine program deals with sports ware, helps you to live like a pro!

How do I choose the right washing machine program?


If you don't have a Beko with sports program, you can use the label on the laundry to select the program. A quick wash at 30°C is so sufficient for sweaty and light-heavy cotton training clothes such as T-shirts and hoodies.