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Easy way to clean hard-to-reach places
Easy way to clean hard-to-reach places

5m read

There is an easy way to clean hard-to-reach places

There is an easy way to clean hard-to-reach places
There is an easy way to clean hard-to-reach places

Meet the Beko PowerClean Pro Vacuum Cleaner. It provides effective cleaning even in hard-to-reach places with its 210W high suction power.


You are probably looking for ways to escape from housekeeping as far as you can. But there is a bitter truth; you can run but you can’t escape! Postponed cleaning chores pile up, costing you a huge weekend. However, instead of spending your weekend cleaning, you can keep your house clean by taking just a few minutes a day and you can spend less time on general cleaning.


Pick up the mess and sweep around quickly. Wipe out the non-carpeted areas. Remove unused books and magazines and vacuum the room. Organize things so you don’t get dust constantly. Don’t forget any items you don’t organize are also that duster’s favorite places. Moreover, this dust will descend from the top to the bottom and cause the floors to become dirty.


Floor cleaning can be tiring for many people. However, it can be much easier with the right helpers. You can easily clean interior areas with the help of a high suction power broom, cleaning kits, mops. Therefore, getting the right vacuum will make your job easier from the very beginning. Here are a few points to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner...


Pay attention to “high suction power” not watt power


The performance of vacuum cleaners is often indicated by the suction power. If you prefer a vacuum cleaner with high suction power, your cleaning work will be completed in a shorter time and more easily.


The suction power of the vacuum cleaners and the motor power are interconnected. There is a point you should pay attention to here. It’s also that very high suction power isn’t always very beneficial.


The dust extraction feature is another important detail


In addition to the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, its dust extraction feature is an important point to be considered when choosing. Because the dust extraction feature depends not only on the suction power, but also on the head of your vacuum cleaner and the brush design.


Since the dust on the surface, you will clean, comes into contact with this point first, it’s an important detail that will allow your vacuum cleaner to do a good job.


For this reason, you should pay attention to the variety of the heads of the vacuum cleaner you will choose for effective cleaning. Vacuum cleaners that offer separate head and brush options for carpets, seats and even parquet surfaces will be very useful for you.


With its high suction power, Beko is with you to make cleaning easier at this point. Thanks to Beko PowerClean Pro Vacuum Cleaner's smart auto floor detection brush, it automatically adjusts suction power depending on the type of floor.


Make sure it’s practical and ergonomic


Whatever type of vacuum cleaner you buy, it’s known that it’s desired to be easy to use. Identifying what you don’t like about your current vacuum can make it clear what you should focus on for your next vacuum cleaner. When buying a new vacuum cleaner, it’s useful to determine in advance the preferences (vertical or cylinder, etc.) that may change according to the maneuverability that will not tire you when you first try the product. It will be easier to use around furniture and you will make less effort.

What are the tricks of fast and effective cleaning?


Ventilate the house frequently to feel the cleaning effect for a long time. Establish a 15-minute cleaning routine every day. Vacuum the house during this time one day and dust the next.

What should be the house cleaning routine of those who have pets?


Among the rules of the house with dogs and cats, obtaining a good vacuum cleaner will take a place in the first place. Also, brush often if your dog sheds.

How do you clean hard to reach areas?


Make sure its ergonomic and doesn’t tire you out while vacuuming the house. With the right nozzles and the right broom, it’ll be easier to clean difficult areas.