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Waste doesn’t have to be wasted
Waste doesn’t have to be wasted

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Beko ranked 20th in The Real Leaders

Beko ranked 20th in The Real Leaders
Beko ranked 20th in The Real Leaders

As Beko, Europe’s leading home appliance brand, we are proud once again; we are ranked 20th in the Real Leaders top 200 Impact Companies of 2022 list.


The Real Leaders Impact Awards list, which is given every year, and which appreciates the social and environmental impacts of the world’s leading companies, is always very important to us. This is exactly why we were proud when the real leaders 2022 list was announced, which rewards companies of all sizes and from various industries, trying to make the world a better place.


Because as Beko, we believe that “healthy life is only possible on a healthy planet”. In line with our understanding of sustainability, we focus on empowering generations to live healthily.


This is the reason why we ranked 20th on this list. Beko’s ranking in the Real Leaders list shows that the company’s sustainability efforts are in line with its Real Leaders mission, as the company continues to encourage others with its sustainable business practices.


As Beko, we focused on innovation that contributes to sustainability


We have developed environmentally friendly devices that make our customer’s lives healthier and easier. We have never given up on our efforts to make the new recycled products we produce more environmentally friendly without sacrificing their performance and durability.


We are standby for those who want to create a sustainable world by using recycled materials, bio-composites and detergent saving Technologies for sustainable living. If you say what they are, let’s explain a few of them.


For the EcoTub Washer and Washer Dryer, up to approximately 60 recycled 0.5L PET bottles were used in the tubs of select models of washers and tumble dryers.


In the EcoFiber oven, 5% recycled net waste and %65 industrial yarn waste were used in plastic parts such as door decor plastic and window corners.


AutoDose dishwasher dispenses the right amount of detergent for sparkling dishes every time and every wash. AutoDose uses up to 28% less detergent for a healthy life on a healthy planet.


That’s why it’s a source of pride for us that Beko’s determination to help improve the health of both people and the planet is recognized with this special award. This is why we will continue to work for a better and sustainable world.

What’s our goal as Beko?


While producing white goods that make our customers' lives healthier and easier, we also attach importance to sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Believing that a healthy life is only possible in a healthy world, we take all our steps accordingly.

What rank are we as a Beko in the list of The Real Leaders?


Beko has been ranked 20th on The Real Leaders Top 200 Impact Companies of 2022. The award recognizes organizations that are making a positive social or environmental impact.

What can you do for a healthy planet?


Washing the dishes in the dishwasher instead of by hand washing. Separating waster that can be recycled. Using rechargeable batteries. Preferring public transportation. Using electronic invoices. And choosing brands that care about the world is one of the few simple steps you can take.