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Beko ranked 20th in The Real Leaders
Beko ranked 20th in The Real Leaders

5m read

Beko ranked 20th in The Real Leaders

Beko ranked 20th in The Real Leaders
Beko ranked 20th in The Real Leaders

As Beko, we are proud of Arçelik as our parent company. As Arçelik family, we took our place in the “Global 100” list, which is listing the most sustainable companies in the world, by Corporate Knights for the second time this year. 


It was ranked 57th in the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World” list prepared by Corporate Knights this year. Thus, it succeeded to be included in the list of the world’s best performing companies in this field of sustainability, two years in a row. 


Companies in the “Global 100” ranking are subjected to a detailed evaluation on 24 different environmental, social, managerial and economic performance criteria such as energy and water efficiency, inclusivity and diversity in management teams, sustainability scores of their suppliers and taxes paid. 


Healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet


In fact, we have a few reasons to be on this list. Aiming to achieve net zero emissions in the entire value chain by 2050, Arçelik was awarded the éterra Carta Seal”, presented by the Prince of Wales of the United Kingdom to companies committed to combating climate change with concrete targets, at the 26th UN Climate Conference (COP26). It has become one of the global companies.


Arçelik has furthered its carbon emissions reduction targets, which were previously approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, and updated it in line with the Paris Agreement’s target of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees.


In line with the new targets submitted for approval to the Science-Based Goals Initiative, Arçelik aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 50.4% by 2030 compared to the 2018 base year. In addition, Arçelik has become carbon neutral in global production with the carbon credits it obtained with its own energy-efficient refrigerator project in 2019 and 2020.


As Beko, we are part of Arçelik’s commitment to sustainability, and introduced seven sustainable products, consisting of washing machine / dryer, oven, tumble dryer, refrigerator, espresso coffee machine and dishwasher, in order to reduce the impact of consumers on the environment. Innovative products use recycled materials such as Pet bottles and fishing nets; biocomposites such as coffee residue and eggshell, as well as detergent-saving technologies for sustainable living.

What does corporate knights 2022 reward?


The Global 100 index is a ranking of the world’s most sustainable companies. The list is compiled by Toronto-based media and investment advisory firm Corporate Knights. Each year, the latest iteration of the index is announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

As the Beko family, why did we reward it?


Developing planet and climate-friendly solutions are one of the main points we focus on as a Beko. We keep our targets set for combating the climate crisis up to date by closely following global developments and contributing to the improvement of our planet with R&D and innovation competencies.

What does sustainability mean for the Beko family?


Through its "healthy living is only possible on a healthy planet" approach, Beko focuses on empowering the next generation to live healthier lives.