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Thanks To Beko Now Fido Can Sleep On The Bed
Thanks To Beko Now Fido Can Sleep On The Bed

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Thanks To Beko Now Fido Can Sleep On The Bed

Thanks To Beko Now Fido Can Sleep On The Bed
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We all know that washing machines no longer have just one setting and they no longer shrink your clothes to the size of a baby-suit! Beko’s new wonder washer has gone the extra mile. With features galore, we have tried to help you with some common washing dilemmas that pop up.


For all you pet lovers out there, we’ve got you covered. You love your dog, cat or even the rabbit, except for when they malt all over your brand new skirt or jacket. Well, have no fear. Beko has developed a smart solution that’s specifically designed to minimise pet hair on laundry during the wash cycle. When this function is selected, your machine adds a pre-wash and an additional rinsing step to the normal cycle, in order to minimise those annoying hairs. Now you can love your pet even with those new pants on.


Perhaps you’re one of those people that even lets their pet sleep on/in their bed (we’re not judging). Or maybe you have a large family and want to wash all the bed sheets in one go, rather than fluffing around with multiple wash loads all day, trying to get everything dry before you need to go to sleep? Well, the Beko XL door feature gives you a larger door, enabling easy loading and unloading of larger laundry items like doonas or bed linen; so washing all the sheets has never been less stressful!


‘Surely there can’t be more features on this washing machine?’ We hear you cry. We have to admit - there are, many more in fact, but we’ll just go through a few.


The Anti-Allergy+ feature is designed to care for babies and toddlers, or for people with sensitive skin. Selecting this feature extends the washing time, and applies extra rinsing towards the end of the cycling to avoid allergy problems related to sensitive skin. We’re looking out for you here!


Fitness-freak or not quite fitness-freak, most of us nowadays own some kind of sportswear. Beko’s Sports Program feature caters especially for this kind of laundry; the program washes at 40°C, and is particularly recommended for lightly soiled synthetic/cotton gym clothes. So now you can work out as hard as you want to (or don’t want to) and sweat as much as you want to, and you won’t have to worry about your lovely new active wear staining or smelling. Motivation right there.


Finally, Beko’s Quick14 feature is designed to wash those clothes that perhaps have only been used once or twice; they’re only slightly soiled, they’re unstained and let’s face it, you could probably (only probably, don’t take our word on it…), get by wearing them again without anyone complaining of a certain pongy-ness. Well, this special program washes a 2kg capacity load at 0-30°C in just 14 minutes! Yes, we’re saving you on time, electricity and water – you’re welcome.



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