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BFR630DB and BFR630DX

Refrigerator Models Update




Check testing conducted by the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Regulator from the Australian Government's Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources has indicated Beko refrigerator models BFR630DB and BFR630DX do not comply with the following requirements of the GEMS (Household Refrigerating Appliances) Determination 2012 as required by the GEMS Act 2012 :


  • GEMS level requirements - unable to achieve an average fresh food temperature below 3 degrees Celsius during the test.
  • Other GEMS requirements - unable to meet the pull-down temperature requirements.



As a result, Beko A&NZ Pty Ltd commissioned further testing which demonstrated a new fan arrangement and software update allowed the models to meet the GEMS level requirements. Although we can now achieve the required 3 degrees after the update the pull-down requirements cannot be met.



Beko A&NZ Pty Ltd would like purchasers to note the pull-down temperature test requires the refrigerator to reduce the internal temperature from an ambient of 43 degrees Celsius to 8 degrees in six hours, which replicates the situation when the refrigerator is first turned on in a hot environment. The BFR630DX and BRFR630DB models will not reach this temperature in the specified time even after the modifications. Importantly, the refrigerator does not pose any electrical safety risk.


Beko A&NZ Pty Ltd has entered into an undertaking with the GEMS Regulator to rectify this situation and will provide purchasers of Beko refrigerator models BFR630DX and BFR630DB with the option of :



  1. An in-home free service call to install a new fan arrangement and software update to improve the energy performance of the refrigerator; or alternatively
  2. Beko will provide a refund on the purchase price since a replacement model is not available



To arrange your free in-home service call or the claim your refund please click on the appropriate link below and complete the online form.



Arrange your free in-home service call






Claim your refund

Frequently asked questions

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BFR630DB and BFR630DX Refrigerator Models Update