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Ready to wear, easy ironing with steam
Ready to wear, easy ironing with steam

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Ready to wear, easy ironing with steam
Ironing technology inside, ready to wear clothes outside!
Ironing technology inside, ready to wear clothes outside!

Wrinkled clothes are a common problem.


If you don’t have enough time to iron, there are Beko's new range of heat pump dryers - now your washing is ready to wear with steam.


Ironing is a job that feels difficult and time-consuming for most of us. Different fabrics need to be ironed at different temperatures; there are some ironing techniques that need to be applied to items such as shirts and trousers, some wrinkles are difficult to open, the steam setting changes according to the type of fabric. It takes a lot of time and makes us tired. 


In fact, a life without ironing is possible!


If you prefer wrinkle-free fabrics when buying new clothes, you can get rid of the ironing problem. If your ironed clothes are wrinkled again in the closet, hang your clothes neatly on a hanger in the bathroom while you shower. Steam helps dissolve the wrinkles. Keeping clean clothes in the basket drying will cause the laundry to wrinkle much more. You can remove stubborn wrinkles by placing a damp cloth on the laundry.


But the secret is hidden in the drying process!


Beko’s latest heat pump dryers infuse water and generate steam at the right time and temperature, letting you spend less time ironing! Casual shirts are ready to wear right after drying. 


Beko’s new heat pump dryers work the same as a regular iron, infusing water and steam into your clothing at the ideal time at the ideal temperature, so fabrics come out smoother and ready to wear! Let your dryer help you spend less time ironing so you can get on with the more important things in life!


Life is easier if you use your dryer correctly!


Read the manual before you start. As with any household appliance, settings may vary slightly by brand and model. For dryers, learning the heat levels and timing options specific to your machine is essential.


Shake each piece before placing them in the dryer. Don’t overload the dryer. If your clothes can’t roll, you have a longer drying time and a higher chance of creasing.


Consider drying different types of fabrics under different loads. If you wash different types of fabrics together, they may need to be dried separately. For example, underwear and hand towels may require different drying settings.


Select an appropriate drying cycle for wrinkled clothes and start the dryer. This will depend on your dryer’s specific settings. Keep in mind that not everything needs high heat. High heat can cause dull colours, shrinkage, and general damage.


Shake each piece as you take it out from the dryer. The second shake is another chance to avoid a long time at the ironing board. For a pro tip, consider taking your clothes out of the dryer when they’re mostly dry but still slightly damp and hang them up to finish drying. 


If you don’t have Beko's latest heat pump dryer, don’t forget the tips below!


Apply shower steam to your clothes


One of the most effective ways to avoid ironing your clothes is using steam. You can apply this steam in your bathroom in the easiest way. You can put your wrinkled clothes on a hanger and hang them on the shower rod. When you take a hot shower while the door is closed, all you need to do is to let the steam do its magic.


Fold or roll your clothes with the pressing method


You can keep the folded clothes under a heavy object for about 1 hour. Clothing that puts pressure on each other will flatten as they dry. Again, after removing your clothes from the machine, you can roll them up and leave under a heavy object for about 1 hour to prevent wrinkles.


Use wrinkle remover spray


You can open your clothes without the need for ironing, by anti-wrinkle sprays that you can get from cleaning shops or from the internet. Apply these sprays to your clothes and let them dry. 


Pay attention to the washing process


Make sure you don’t put too much laundry in the machine. Too many items will increase the chance of creasing. Make sure you choose the correct program for the type and amount of laundry.

What is the benefit of using a dryer?
What is the benefit of using a dryer?

What is the benefit of using a dryer?


A dryer can help you save time and dry multiple loads of laundry in a day and can save you time with ironing.

What is the easiest way to iron clothes?
What is the easiest way to iron clothes?

What is the easiest way to iron clothes?


Using a Beko heat pump dryer with the steam feature… One of the best ways to get a quick ironing job done is with your dryer, especially for casual shirts.

How to avoid ironing?
How to avoid ironing?

How to avoid ironing?


Use ice cubes in the dryer, don't overfill the washing machine, shake out your clothes, use a wrinkle-removing spray.