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5 Life Changing Laundry Hacks
5 Life Changing Laundry Hacks

4m read




5 Life Changing Laundry Hacks

5 Life Changing Laundry Hacks
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“I can’t wait to get home and do my laundry…”


…A sentence that we are unlikely to have heard someone say in the history of history! And there’s a reason for it; laundry isn’t exactly known for being fun. Laundry isn’t necessarily the most fulfilling, we may even go as far as saying people often say laundry isn’t fair. But we have to do it. So, since we’re stuck with it for the time being until some whizz kid designs some genius invention rendering laundry redundant (that will almost certainly rival the invention of the wheel), we might as well make our laundry-infested lives a little easier. These 5 laundry tips genuinely couldn’t be more straight forward, but that’s what makes them so ingenious…right?



1. Divide and Conquer

We’ve all heard the horror stories of a stray red t-shirt making it into the whites wash-load, and we all know the outcome. If an all-pink wardrobe is what you like, then you do you. But, if you want to try and avoid that kind of laundry trauma that stays with you for years to come, then why simply not invest in more than one laundry bag? This way, you can have one for colours and one for whites, and if you’re feeling extra fancy, maybe even one for delicates or a ‘wash immediately’ basket… Label them however you like, but separating your clothes into their laundry baskets accordingly as you take them off, will not only save you time later down the line, but will negate any risk of 50 shades of pink. Phew.


2. Bright Whites and Rich Colours


Washing can feel stressful when you’re not sure what clothes to wash together – and what to wash separately. As we mentioned earlier, make sure you separate your colours, this is a great start! Pre-treat any stains and you are well on the way to preparing your clothes for a better-looking life. Another tip is to take your clothes out of the washing machine ASAP once the cycle is finished.


If you’re the type that will only wear the whitest of whites, then you’re in luck; that friend of yours that lives high in the sky has the opposite effect on white clothes than it does on your skin. Believe it or not, UV light whitens whites. So, when you can, stick your whites on the line rather than in the dryer. You’re welcome sunshine (sorry, couldn’t resist).



3. Soft and Sensual, NOT Sandpapery Scrub


As towels age, they tend to change from a beautiful, soft, fluffy texture to a more sandpaper-esque feel that exfoliates you when you don’t want to be exfoliated. But how can we keep our beloved towels soft? Let’s face it, no one likes a rough, crunchy towel, no, we want to be pampered not punished! Did you know high speed spin flattens out the towels? That’s right, the faster the spin, the less fluffy those towels you love are going to be. Try the 800-1000rpm and you are going to be much happier. Give the 1400rpm a miss!


If you find the towels still need a bit of extra softness, your towels may have excess detergent residue in there. An easy solution is to do a double cycle. First wash as normal, then use the second cycle without detergent. A handy trick that will take the excess suds out to make the towels even softer!


Get ready for the lightest, softest, fluffiest drying-down you’ve ever had.



4. The Bigger, the Better

‘Go hard or go home’ might not be the best life motto, but ‘go big or go home’ – now that could be spot on when it comes to laundry. If doing laundry gets you down, then surely you’ll be happier if you do less of it? So, why not wash your laundry in bulk? And with Beko’s 10kg Front Loading washing machine, we mean a whole 10kg of bulk (surprise surprise). We’re not advocating literally washing everything you own in one go, no, it’s not a good idea to wait until you’re on that final pair of underwear. Stay hygienic please. But, gone are the days of little and often, welcome to big and rare…catchy right? But seriously, the less laundry days the better.



5. Fold on the Go


You’ve done the hard part; separated the laundry out, stuck the wash on, dried it, now you just have to fold it and put it away. So near, yet so far. But have no fear, we’ve found a way to end this nightmare a little quicker. Ready? Fold the clothes right as you take them out the clothes dryer or off the line… (we told you these were simple). Yes, it sounds mind-numbingly basic, but rather than pile the clothes as you empty the dryer, only to then have to fold them later on, fold on the go. Save your time, save your sanity.


That’s it, we’re done. Laundry is never not going to need doing, so you might as well get good at it, and hopefully these 5 tips can help you along the way. The easier the better, the quicker the better, and who knows, one day you might even enjoy laundry day… okay, too far.



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