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How To Organise Your Fridge
How To Organise Your Fridge

3m read

How To Organise Your Fridge

How To Organise Your Fridge
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Fridges are getting so large nowadays that it’s ever so easy to forget about your food at the back of the cluttered shelves. Before you know it, it’s been in there way too long and when you do eventually find it tucked away at the back, you may want to think twice about eating it. That’s why here at Beko, we’re your Partner of the Everyday, and have put together this basic guide on how to organise your fridge. It will help you keep all your delicious food fresh for as long as possible, and to make sure you don’t come across a ‘use-by-date’ from a long time ago situation! So, here goes.



Fridge Tips



Top Shelf:


To kick things off, your tropical fruits such as your pineapples and mangos, love the top shelf. So, that’s easy, tropical on the top(ical).



Second shelf:


The perfect place for leftovers; easy to spot, easy to access. Great for a sneaky snack or to rumble up a mix-and-match dinner the following day.



Middle Shelf:


This is the ideal place for your salads. Why not pre-prepare a few and store them in glass jars or plastic storage containers? This is also convenient as they are easy to grab as you’re rushing out the door for work.



In-Fridge Wine Shelf:


This one is easy to figure out! Here your wines are cooled to perfection - you’re welcome!



Fresh Store Drawer:


This is the best place to help ensure your meats and dairy remain nice and fresh.



EverFresh+ Drawer:


Talking of fresh, the EverFresh+ drawer enables up to 30 days of freshness for your veggies! We vent air across the crisper drawer roof to reduce condensation, reduced via air channels, so your vegetables will remain nice and crisp for longer. Phew, the diet can wait!



Bottom Drawer:


The bottom drawer provides the ideal environment for your fruit.



Inside the Door:


This is actually the warmest place in the fridge, so only keep your condiments and jars in here. And remember, no cosmetics, batteries or perfumes should be kept in the fridge!



Easy Come Easy Go Section:


Some of Beko’s fridges come with an ‘easy come easy go’ section on the outside of the door, so you don’t even have to open the main fridge door to access this little compartment. Therefore, it’s the perfect place for snacks or juices that you just can’t get your hands on quick enough – (and it’s never been so easy to get hold of that leftover chocolate from yesterday!).



Food not forgotten:


“Where do the eggs and milk go?”, we hear you cry. Well, it may sound surprising, but the best place for milk bottles and cartons is not in the fridge door. As we mentioned earlier, this is in fact the warmest place in the fridge. In contrast, the coldest place in the fridge is at the back of the shelves, so keep your milk at the back of your shelves where it’s nice and cool. Same goes for the eggs, not in the door. Instead, keep them in a container on the middle shelf alongside your salads.



There you go, that should be all for the fridge, now onto some tips for the freezer!



Freezer Tips



Seasonal Food:


Why not freeze your seasonal food when it’s still fresh as a daisy? This way, not only will you be able to eat seasonal food out of season, but it will still be nice and fresh when you eventually defrost it. Quite clever we think!





Store your vegetables in transparent bags and stack on top of each other horizontally. You’ll be making the most of all that freezer space, plus it’ll be more straight forward than ever to work out what veges you have plenty of and what you’re running low on.





Take the time to portion off your meats before you defrost them, especially if you’re a small family. Either freeze in containers or sandwich bags. This way you’ll avoid having to defrost pretty much a whole chicken, and then only managing to eat half of it before it inevitably goes off!



Done, finito, voila! Hopefully this guide will help you to avoid wasting any of your precious food, and at the same time, placing the food in the correct part of the fridge should enable it to stay fresher for longer. We’re here to help, after all at Beko, we are your Partner of the Everyday!


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