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CEG5311X: Bean to Cup Automatic Espresso Machine with Steam Wand


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CEG5311X: Bean to Cup Automatic Espresso Machine with Steam Wand

Water Tank Capacity 1500 mL
Pressure 19 bar

Great choice for anyone who wants a high-quality espresso machine. The Beko CEG5311X Fully Automatic Espresso Machine is a sleek and stylish addition to any kitchen. This machine is perfect for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a delicious cup of espresso with minimal effort. You can easily make a variety of espresso based beverages such as Espresso, latte and cappucino with Integrated steam nozzle.
Dimensions (cm)
0 Height
0 Width
0 Depth


Bean to Cup

Create the perfect coffee from fresh beans

With the convenience of an in-built grinder, make a fresh cup of coffee directly from beans. Rather than buying pods, you can use roasted coffee beans for a freshly brewed cup in the morning!

Integrated Steam Wand

Steam wand for Barista style coffee

For barista style results on your flat white, cafe latte or cappuccino, simply adjust the integrated steam nozzle to produce the level of microfoam that you desire.

One Touch Control

One Touch Control for Single or Double Shot

Enjoy perfect espresso in less than one minute. With one touch, LCD control, you can brew everything from espresso to a frothy cappuccino at the touch of a button.

Easy to Clean

Auto Rinse Function for Easy Cleaning

Descaling and cleaning is no longer a chore with Beko. Detachable and transparent water tanks make descaling and cleaning the machine a breeze. Equipped with auto-cleaning programmes, you’ll save time rinsing and descaling the machine and milk frother.

Adjustable Nozzle Height

Espresso in 3 cup sizes

Thanks to its Adjustable Nozzle Height, you can enjoy your espresso in 3 different cup sizes - from small (40 mL) to medium (120 mL) to large (190 mL). Plus, no more unsightly coffee splashes on the counter when using small cups!

Tech Specs

Key Features

Water Tank Capacity

1500 mL

Removable Drip Tray

Adjustable Nozzle Height

Detachable Water Tank

Level of Grinding-courseness Adjustment


Milk Frother


Cup Size Adjustment

Level of Grinding-courseness Adjustment

Functions & Features

Milk Frother

Detachable Water Tank

Adjustable Nozzle Height


Design & Materials


Stainless Steel
Performance & Consumption


19 bar


50 - 60 Hz


220 - 240 V
Dimensions & Weight


32 cm


18.6 cm


41 cm


7.5 kg

Packaged Height

44 cm

Packaged Width

38.5 cm

Packaged Depth

24 cm

Packaged Weight

8.8 kg


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