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Airfry Tray: Cooking Accessories(Cooking)

Airfry Tray
Airfry Tray
Airfry Tray

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Airfry Tray: Cooking Accessories(Cooking)

Color of Accessory Inox


Airfry Tray Accessory

Suitable for Beko Aeroperfect 60cm Ovens

Beko's special perforated tray design allows hot air to circulate around the food, making food crispy. There's no need to turn your food during cooking. You get crispiness and crunchiness for a variety of foods while keeping inside juicy and tender. It is definitely a healthier alternative to deep frying. Enjoy healthy cooking with little or no oil. Use your Beko Airfry Tray in any of Beko's Aeroperfect 60cm built in ovens: BBO6850MDX, BBO6850MX, BBO6851MDX, BBO6851PDX, BBO6852PDX, BBO6852SDX

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