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VRT 82821 BV: PractiClean 2-in-1 Rechargeable Stick Vacuum Cleaner (45W Suction)

VRT 82821 BV
VRT 82821 BV
VRT 82821 BV
VRT 82821 BV

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VRT 82821 BV: PractiClean 2-in-1 Rechargeable Stick Vacuum Cleaner (45W Suction)

Motor Power 170 W
Operating / Running Time 40 min
Capacity 0.5 L
Battery Type Lithium Ion

Dimension (cm)
0 Height
0 Width
0 Depth


80 Mins Operating Time

Up to 80mins* Operating time with extra battery

Now you can get all your vacuuming done quickly and easily, with an operating time of up to 40 minutes per battery. Once the first battery runs flat, you can replace it with a second one, giving you around 80 minutes of vacuuming time. *using both batteries

Continuous Operation

2 Power Settings with Trigger for Continuous Operation

No more aching hands whilst cleaning! You can enjoy vacuuming without the need to hold the trigger down for a long time. Our continuous power trigger means your vacuum cleaner will run without stopping until you switch it off.

Light & Flexible

Lightweight & Versatile - 2 in 1

This vacuum offers a flexible, lightweight, multi-purpose cleaning solution for your home. It's a stick vacuum to clean your carpets and hard floors, a handheld for a quick pick up after dinner, or a stick vacuum for those hard to reach spots on the top of book shelves and stairs.

LED Headlights

LED Headlights for easy cleaning where lighting is poor.

The LED lights mounted on the vacuum head offer a practical solution to cleaning in hard to reach corners, under furniture and in other places where lighting is poor.

Docking Station

Easy Storage

Docking Station for easy storage. Store all your accessories, batteries and 2 in 1 vacuum in one easy location.

Tech Specs

Key Features

Operating / Running Time

40 min

Battery Voltage

21.6 V

Suction Power

45 W

Rechargeable Battery

Performance & Consumption

Operating / Running Time

40 min


0.5 L

Motor Type


Handheld Unit Capacity


Recharging Time

3 - 4 hours

Battery Indicator

Noise Level

80 dBA

Motor Power

170 W

Suction Power Adjustment

Control on Handle


50 - 60 Hz


100 - 240 V



Removable Battery

Easy Cleaning Dust Container


Dimensions & Weight


126 cm


26.5 cm


23.2 cm


2.36 kg

Packaged Height

80 cm

Packaged Width

15.5 cm

Packaged Depth

34 cm

Packaged Weight

6.06 kg
What's in the Box

Crevice Tool

Pet (Mini Turbo) Brush

Extra Battery

Soft Brush

Extension Hose


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