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2 min read

How to fix cooktop flames that flicker or go out?

How to fix cooktop flames that flicker or go out?
How to fix cooktop flames that flicker or go out?



There are several reasons for your cooktop’s flames to flicker or go out. Please see if one of the following will solve the problem.




Make sure the burner heads and caps are placed properly


The burner heads and the caps need to be placed correctly for your cooktop to work properly. Make sure the correct cap is placed on the correct head, and the correct head on the correct burner. Also check that they lay flat and level. If the head or the cap is even slightly off-center or tilted, your cooktop may ignite slowly, unevenly or not at all.


For more information on your cooktop's burners and pieces, consult your user manual. If you’re having trouble finding your manual, download it here using your product’s model number.




See if the burner ports are wet or clogged


The burner ports which release gas may be clogged with food or wet from cleaning. This is probably the case if you notice the flames around the burner are uneven. Turn your cooktop off and wait for the burner caps to cool down. Once the burners are cool, clean the ports using a pin. Take care not to damage or distort the ports. 




Check for air circulation


Your gas cooktop’s flames may be flickering because your cooktop is exposed to a degree of natural air flow. Make sure your cooktop isn’t exposed to wind or sudden changes in air flow in your kitchen.




Make sure the gas source is appropriate


Gas cooktops differ in the gas supply they use. Cooktops that work with natural gas are wired differently than those that work with gas cylinders because these two sources operate at different gas pressures. Problems arise when a cooktop designed to work with natural gas is connected to a gas cylinder. Be sure to use the appropriate gas source for your cooktop to avoid any flame flickering or sudden flame bursts.




Consider technical problems


If the problem continues, your cooktop might have a technical problem. If you suspect this to be the case, contact an authorised service agent.



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