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How to refill rinse aid?

How to refill rinse aid?
How to refill rinse aid?



Rinse aid is an agent which assists you to get the best washing and drying performance from your dishwasher. You need to replenish this agent regularly.


There is a warning light on some appliance’s front display which indicates when the appliance is running low on rinse aid.




Refilling rinse aid


Rinse aid disperses water from the surface of your dishes during the final rinse and helps with the drying process. It prevents water droplets from drying on your dishes and leaving water marks. 


When the rinse aid light on your dishwasher comes on, it’s time to refill. The rinse aid reservoir is located on the inside of your dishwasher’s door, next to the detergent reservoir. Open the cover of the reservoir, pour in the rinse aid until the reservoir is full and close the cover.


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