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How to make my freezer's high temperature alarm turn off?

How to make my freezer’s high temperature alarm turn off?
How to make my freezer’s high temperature alarm turn off?



Your freezer’s red light or high temperature alarm will turn on when it is not cold enough. This means the current temperature in the freezer is not suitable for storing frozen food until the light has turned off. See if one of the following will solve the problem.




Give your newly installed appliance time to cool down


The high temperature alarm or the red light indicator will be on when your freezer is connected to the mains for the first time. This means that the temperature inside your appliance is still too warm. Keep your freezer door closed and the light will go out in a few hours.




Avoid placing hot food inside the appliance


Your freezer will take longer to stabilise its inner temperature when it is loaded with hot food. Wait for the food to cool down before putting it into the appliance.




Check the door seals for gaps, cracks, or tears


The cold air inside your appliance needs to be properly isolated from the outside temperature. Check to see if there are gaps between the door seal and the cabinet. If you find any, adjust the door seal by gently pulling away from the door using your fingers.


For any openings that persist, you may need to replace the seal. In that case, contact an authorised service agent. 




Avoid opening the door too frequently or keeping it open for long


Your freezer needs to keep the air inside the freezer at a certain temperature to be able to keep food frozen. If the freezer door is opened too frequently or is kept open for long periods, warm air will enter the freezer and will increase the air temperature inside.




Check for frost build-up


Check your freezer for frost build-up. If the inner walls have visible frost on them, you may need to manually defrost your appliance.


For more information regarding defrosting your freezer, check your user manual. If you’re having trouble finding your manual, download it here using your product’s model number.




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