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2 min read

How to clean your tumble dryer?

How to clean your tumble dryer?
How to clean your tumble dryer?



Your tumble dryer does a pretty heavy-duty job drying load after load of laundry, so naturally it needs a bit of TLC from time to time. Keeping this appliance clean is key to keeping it working as efficiently as possible, so follow this handy guide to make sure your tumble dryer is doing the best job it can.




Clean the filters regularly


The most important parts of your tumble dryer to keep clean are its filters - yep, it’s got more than one!


The lint filter is what captures all the tiny fibres that come off of your laundry, and you’ll find it inside the door. To remove it, simply lift it. 


You’ll see lint build-up after every use, so cleaning the filter after every cycle is a good habit to get into. 


You can either remove the lint by hand or use a vacuum cleaner on its lowest power setting to get the filter clean. Once you’ve done that, pop the filter back in place.


Keeping the lint filter clean is super important, as a dirty filter makes the machine work harder. This means clothes take longer to dry, you use more energy, and the extra strain will shorten the lifespan of the appliance.


Next up is the evaporator filter, or filter drawer, which you’ll find behind a cover at the bottom corner of the tumble dryer. If your dryer is a condenser model, you’ll find the condenser behind this cover. 


Pop the cover open, then remove the filter from its housing. Each appliance is different, so check your user manual if you’re not sure how to do this. 


The filter itself can be opened up and will have a foam pad inside. Clean the surfaces of the filter housing either by hand or with the vacuum cleaner again, and if the foam pad looks dirty, you can give this a rinse under the sink.


Make sure you let the pad dry before putting it back in the housing and back in the tumble dryer. You should aim to do this every few cycles.




Empty the water tank when full


Another good habit to get into is regularly emptying the water tank (if your appliance isn’t plumbed in). This is where the evaporated water is stored after the tumble dryer extracts it from your laundry.


Your tumble dryer will have a warning light to tell you when the tank is getting full, but why not deal with it when you clean the filters? 




Clean the outside surfaces


Keeping the outside surfaces of the appliance clean is a doddle. Simply use a soft cloth or sponge with a non-abrasive cleaning product and wipe gently.


If you accidentally spill any detergent or softener on your appliance, be sure to wipe the mess off quickly as these can corrode the surface.


So, follow these pointers, and your tumble dryer will be in tip top condition for years to come.



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