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How to wash bras in your washing machine?

How to wash bras in your washing machine?
How to wash bras in your washing machine?



If you’ve invested in good quality bras, then naturally you’ll want to take good care of them. You’ll find that the care labels on most bras will tell you to wash the items by hand. While you might want to do this with you most special bras, you can actually wash your day-to-day bras in the washing machine without ruining them. That is, of course, as long as you follow these simple steps.




Only wash bras with bras!


Throwing your bras in with the rest of the laundry can get them tangles up with other items, which can cause damage to the underwear. So get all the bras you want together, and give them a dedicated cycle.




Use a mesh bag


To prevent your bras getting tangled up with themselves, put them in a zip-up mesh bag. Remember to fasten the clasps to prevent them snagging, and don’t overfill the bag either.




Use a delicate cycle


Bras are delicate, so use an appropriate programme. A lot of washing machines offer delicates cycles which use cool water to wash, reducing any heat damage to foam or elastic.




Use the right detergent


A gentle detergent is always best for bras. If you spot any stains or marks, you can always pre-treat these with a gentle soap. If odour is a problem, you can soak them in a scented vinegar before washing.




Keep them away from the tumble dryer


Never put bras in the tumble dryer – the heat will break down elastics and nylon, and will ruin the shape of the cup. Instead, either lay them flat to dry, or hang them by the middle section between the cups.


That’s it! Give your bras the care they deserve and they’ll keep you looking good for longer.




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