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Your Guide To Buying A Fridge
Your Guide To Buying A Fridge

4m read

Guide to Buy a Fridge:
Your Guide To Buying A Fridge
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A necessity in the household, but now much more than just a necessity. Fridges have become so smart and high-tech, that it can be an overwhelming choice when it comes to selecting a new appliance simply to keep your food and drinks cool. Have no fear, at Beko, we have a wide range of refrigerators to choose from so keep reading to learn what to look for when buying a fridge.


Fridge Size


First things first, if it won’t fit into your kitchen, there’s no point even considering it. It is best to start by measuring up your space available. Height, width and don’t’ forget the depth! Fortunately, refrigerators are probably the most variable of all appliances when it comes to size. Beko’s bar fridges begin at a height of only 80cm, with full-size models ranging from 120cm to over 200cm - that is one tall fridge! Width-wise, if you’re lacking space don’t fret, our fridges can be as narrow as 47cm, or as wide as 100cm; whatever you fancy and your space allows you. We also have a wide range in the depth of our fridges, with models varying from 54-80cm depth. Finally, don’t forget the fridge needs room around all sides to ventilate properly, so make sure you leave an approximately 5 centimetres space between the walls or cabinets when measuring up, including at the rear of the fridge.


Fridge Capacity


Next is the capacity of the fridge. If you have just 1-2 people in the household, a 250-350 litre fridge should be quite enough. However, if you live in a large household with plenty of mouths to feed, or if you like to shop without worrying how much food your fridge can hold, perhaps look for a spacious refrigerator with more than a 500-litre capacity. Endless food for the whole family; you’re welcome. There’s also an in-between size of 350-500 litres out there for all those who like to sit on the fence and select the middle of the road!


Freezer Position


Perhaps the next consideration on the list is the freezer position, and here you have four choices. Firstly, the classic freezer-top model; the freezer sits on top of the fridge, and is generally the most preferred model for people who access frozen food most frequently. Then there’s the freezer-bottom model; simply the upside-down version of the classic model. If you like the idea of a fridge at eye-level, and not having to reach down to grab any of your veggies, then this is probably the one for you. Next up is the French-door model; the godfather of refrigerators. This monster has a large and wide fridge on the top, and a large and wide freezer on the bottom. If you eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables then this might be your pick of the bunch. Finally, the vertical configuration of the side by side model is perfect for those who love a highly organised refrigerator! Both fridge and freezer, while narrower than the other models, contain many more shelves and allow you to access both fresh and frozen food with ease. There you go, it’s up to you!


Fridge Energy Efficiency


An increasingly important consideration for the green-conscious out there is the energy efficiency of your refrigerator. Beko’s fridges go up to an A+++ energy rating. At the end of the day, you’re not just saving the environment with a highly efficient fridge, you’re saving your bank account as well! And remember, regardless of the model you prefer, always close the fridge door when you don’t need it open, even if just for 30 seconds; this will help to keep the fridge nice and cool as well as help keep your energy usage low.


Fridge Features


The final consideration to make is regarding the extra features. We did say refrigerators are more than just a food and drinks cooler now didn’t we! They won’t quite be able to get you to the moon, but there are some pretty elaborate additional features that may take your fancy. Eat a lot of fresh fruit and veg? Well, Beko’s EverFresh+ Technology specifically helps to keep these groceries fresh for longer, so yes, you don’t have to start that diet tomorrow before those carrots go off, you can wait yet another day. Lucky you! Other models possess flexible and removable shelves, so you can fit even the tallest and most peculiar-shaped items in the fridge! Perfect for those pumpkins at Halloween, or a giant turkey at Christmas. Some of our more sophisticated fridges even have a fast-ice-making machine, a water dispenser, or even a mini-bar door to allow you to access cold drinks or snacks without having to open the whole door! Beko have thought of everything to suit your needs and desires.


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