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1m read

How to read the new fridge freezer energy label?

Energy labels for fridge freezers are changing. After 1 March 2021, all energy ratings will be listed from A to G rather than A+, A++, and A+++.


The new labels aim to reward energy-efficient appliances while implementing stricter eco-design requirements and improved environmental performance. The new regulations cover not only energy efficiency but also energy consumption in a way that consumers can relate to more easily.


For fridge freezers, energy labels are getting an update including changes in the way compartment volumes are measured.


Here is what the new fridge freezer energy label looks like and what the symbols and numbers stand for: 

  1. QR code (New)
  2. Scale of energy efficiency classes (A-G)
  3. Energy efficiency class
  4. Annual energy consumption in kWh per year
  5. Total volume of the frozen compartments
  6. Total volume of all chill and unfrozen compartments
  7. Noise level in dBA* and noise emission class (New)

Sound power level reference to 1 pW


Licensee limited to certain jurisdictions