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Can I purchase a replacement jug for my coffee machine?

Yes. Beko Australia sells accessories and some spare parts on Catch, Amazon, Ebay. If they are not available there, please contact our Customer Care team for further information.

What kinds of coffee can I use with my coffee machine?

For Bean to Cup Coffee Machine: You can use your favourite brand of coffee beans. 

For Turkish Coffee Maker: Please use your favourite pre-ground coffee.

What do I do before using my coffee machine for the first time?

Before using your coffee machine for the first time, clean all parts that will come in contact with water and coffee. Keep the appliance unplugged during installation and cleaning.


Clean the coffee jug and the filter basket with warm water using a small amount of mild cleanser. Dry them both thoroughly before usage. 


Your appliance should be operated on even surfaces. Make sure that you have placed it on a flat, even surface before using it.


For the first use, run the appliance at least four times without coffee, using only water.

Where can I find my Beko coffee machine's serial number?

Every Beko coffee machine has a unique serial number. It is located on the bottom of the appliance.

Do I have to use paper filters with my coffee machine?

For Filter Coffee Machines we recommend using the appropriate kind of paper filters as recommended for your machine.

The milk is not hot enough when using the Steam Wand on my Bean to Cup Coffee Machine?

The milk steam wand/nozzle on our Bean to Cup Coffee machine is time controlled and will steam for appoximately 90secs. If you're wanting to heat a full cup of milk you may need to run this steam feature twice.

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